Monovitigno Beladea - Pinot Grigio

D.O.C. Collio

Color: medium to deep straw yellow with hints of green

Smell: exuberant with fruit hints

Taste: soft, dry, with a good balance and aftertaste

Food pairings: all fishes, white meats (poultry, pork), roasted white meats, typical charcuterie and non-aged goat cheeses. Perfect with varieties of fried fish. Serve at 10/12°C.

Alc. By Vol.: 12,5°

Monovitigno Beladea - Sauvignon Blanc

D.O.C. Collio

Color: medium to deep straw yellow with green highlights

Aroma: persistent, with vegetal aromas such as tomato leaf, green pepper and celery. Hints of white peach in the

Taste: dry with vegetal hints. Well-balanced, with a good length.

Food pairings: best paired with shellfish, all raw seafood dishes, oysters and with Japanese cuisine dishes.

Alc. By Vol.: 12,5°

Monovitigno Beladea - Ribolla Gialla

I.G.T. Venezia Giulia

Color: medium straw yellow with hints of green

Aroma: pleasant floral and fruit aromas

Taste: dry, savory with a green apple aftertaste.

Food pairings: white meat cold dishes, steamed fish and vegetables, vegetable consommé, fried fish and vegetables. Serve at 8/10°C.

Alc. By Vol.: 12,5°

Monovitigno Beladea - Ribolla Nera

I.G.T. Tre Venezie

Color: ruby red with purple highlights

Aroma: gradevolmente vinoso con finale speziato

Taste: secco con preciso riscontro olfattivo, si percepisce leggera nota tannica con buona esistenza aromatica

Food pairings: tartare o carpaccio di carne rossa, pesci grassi come anguilla, baccalà, polipo e patate, ventresca di tonno. Serve at 15/16°C.

Alc. By Vol.: 12,5°