All BELADEA wines are carefully selected from the finest productions of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Tuscany.

Our research for outstanding vineyards and for the most advanced winemaking techniques enable us to bottle pleasant and well-balanced wines which can be tasted on any occasion, also on a daily basis.


Our wines are born out of an ethical thought and a detailed knowledge of the territory.

We select wines only from those vintners who comply to our philosophy. All BELADEA wines are bottled in lighter glass bottles and environmentally friendly Diam corks.


BELADEA was born from an idea of Toni Cuman, after more than forty years of experience as wine-taster, journalist and reviewer. The label was established in 2015 together with seven co-founders who share the passion for good wine.

Under Toni’s guidance, and with the collaboration of two enologists, we identify those productions which adhere to the typicalness of the territory and the grape, to guarantee easy-drinking products with the highest standards.